Where Was Singles Day Observed And Is Celebrated

When you hear the term Singles Day then you can easily guess that it is related to single people who are not in any kind of relationship but do you know the fact that there are people who celebrate their singlehood on a specific day and that day is not any other usual day, it has significance with singlehood. The Singles Day is celebrated on 11th of November and if you see that in numbers then it is 1111 which four times one which symbolizes singles and this was observed in the country China, although there is no proper year defined when it was established yeah China has been celebrating it from the 1990s.

How Singles Day Is Celebrated

When you get to know that people celebrate their singlehood then a question might be raised in your mind how can a thing like singlehood be celebrated but there are ways by which people celebrate their singlehood, there are parties organized on this day which are attended by single people, they dance together and enjoy together with their single friends. Many people celebrate it by shopping for themselves and for these goods selling companies give discounts and offer on their products which makes shopping more attractive. These discounts and offers are for single people on this day and many companies sell a huge amount of products on this day which gives then good profit in their sale.

Which Countries Celebrate Singles Day

Singles Day, as you know was established in the country China and after few years of successful celebration in China people outside China have also started celebrating Singles Day, mostly in the Southern Asian countries which are near to China. It is growing slowly-slowly and getting the global recognition because it has that mass appeal in it and when something has mass appeal in it that particular thing gets viral at a very fast rate. The Internet has been a great influence on the growth of Singles Day recognition in the world, people posting pictures while celebrating Singles Day made it reached many countries around the world. As singlehood has its own pros that is why people are finding it nice to celebrate and they are doing so.

Singles day is now getting known by many other countries in the world and a few other countries have also accepted this culture to celebrate Singles Day, now it is slowly becoming a global event.