What is a Combi Boiler?

You should know that Combi Boilers are faster, cheaper and easier to install than other boilers. They provide hot water for both faucets and central heating without a storage cylinder. This boiler installation is suitable for homes and small families. You may experience poor flow if multiple plugs are used simultaneously with smaller combined boilers. The hot water boilers that many people use to heat their homes are a little different. Here, the main objective is not so much to generate steam, but to heat water and transport heat throughout the house. Although there are different types of boilers that can be purchased, the basic principles are quite simple and very similar in all of them.

The boilers system works on the principle of storing hot water in a cylinder and is ideal for larger homes. They provide hot water instantly with better pressure, but they also take up more space. A boiler offers an excellent alternative to the use of a forced air system such as an oven. With the power of a boiler in your home, you will receive powerful heating without the inconveniences of the ducts (heat loss, indoor air quality problems, etc.). Boilers have a long service life and on average do not require as many repairs as other systems. For a reliable heating that lasts many years, a boiler is a difficult option to overcome.

Boilers require expert skill to install, and professionals must also determine if a boiler is a right choice for a home. To carry out this type of work call the certified technicians of Calderas de Madrid for the installation of the boiler that will allow you to receive the best possible heating for your home. The conventional boilers are best suited for homes with heating systems open ventilation. They store hot water in a separate cylinder. Hot water is supplied instantly with good flow pressure, but they are usually a higher priced solution.

The Combi boiler is formed by the combination of an HV boiler and a Classic boiler. With a single control that manages the two boilers, the user has the option of using both firewood and pellets as fuel. Having all the advantages and characteristics of each one of the models! Remember, sometimes there may be hidden costs involved, and small independent contractors can sometimes try to charge extra, which is why you should always request a home visit so engineers can see exactly what kind of work they have to carry out.

Maybe you already have a central heating system installed that has to be disassembled and completely replaced, or you can be looking for advice to see if you can use your existing piping and radiators when replacing your old boiler. An option indicated for those users who want to be able to use pellets or wood for their boiler. This will allow them to choose one or the other fuel according to their needs and preferences. If you already have an HV wood-fired boiler, it is also possible to add a 15 or 22 kW Classic boiler afterward and enjoy the combi option.

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