Types of web hosting services

There are a lot of web hosting services, but you are supposed to understand the kind of hosting service your website needs. You have to make sure the requirements and other important services which is necessary to be included and also which is under your budget. The top 10 web hosting companies in India are expertise in providing any kind of hosting service, which develops website with higher level of security.

The types of web hosting services are:

Website building services:

This type of hosting service is for the beginners, who want to host a website but lack some technical knowledge to host it. In that case, these website building services provide them with an online interface to build the website by your own without any additional requirement.

Shared hosting services:

In shared hosting service, the server is shared among you and other website owners, thus reducing the cost of operating the server. One disadvantage of using shared web hosting is, the server might get slower sometimes as both the physical server and applications are shared by the users.

Dedicated hosting service:

In this type of hosting service, the whole web server is under your control. This does not include sharing the server with other users, thus increasing the performance of your website. The main advantage of this type of web hosting is that you will have full access to all the server resources.

Collocated hosting services:

In this type of hosting, you have to purchase your own web server and locate it at you place with all the web host’s facilities. The responsibility of this server will only be yours and you will have the full control over the server. This will allow you to use the server as you like and can install any application as per your need.

There are also many other types of services like cloud hosting, grid hosting, virtual dedicated server, clustered hosting, managed hosting server, Reseller web hosting , etc.

Choosing the best web hosting company:

The ability to run a website totally depends upon the type of web hosting company you choose. The first thing to keep in mind while buying a web host is disk space and the bandwidth. You can choose from a variety of plans that can make your work easier.

You should also check the type of operating system that are supported by the web host. For the purpose of security, things like firewall, backups should also be included without fail to provide your website high level protection.