Professional Image of Sabal Bharat

There are many NGOs and organizations working for the betterment of the people; especially for their employment and education. These organizations work for those people who can’t afford the education and don’t have means to access the training programs and scholarships. The education has become costlier than ever and it gets difficult for the middle and lower class to benefit from it. This is the main reason why unemployment is increasing and so is poverty. The government funded organizations are doing good work for the betterment of people and they make sure there are no uneducated or unemployed people.

However, there are some organizations that overshadow the work of the real organizations by deceiving the people. These are the fraud organizations and they only make money by cheating people. Sabal Bharat Sansthan is one such organization that is looting the people since its establishment in 2016. The owner of this organization, Sunil Gurjar Nasirabad is an influential person and has a strong political background. He is the son of Nasirabad MLA, and adoptive son of Puducherry Governor Govind Singh Gurjar. He holds quite influence in Ajmer area of Rajasthan, and this electoral seat virtually belongs to his family for 5 decades now. In a democracy like India, if any family has it’s domain over power and influence for such a long time, it becomes infectious and ugly over period. This is exactly what’s wrong with the man.

Sunil Gurjar, also known as Gujjar, has created a professional image of Sabal Bharat and has many people working under him in this organization throughout North India. You’ll also find a nicely made website of this organization where there are details of the organization and its modus operandi.

The organization conducts an exam and the candidates submit fees for that. The candidates are then promised about the result and qualification for a particular Sabal Bharat program. The website states that the organization is running a ‘Strong India Campaign’ through which they will educate, empower, strengthen, and enrich the needy youth by providing them with free training and skill development and finally a job. The website also claims that they have received the MoU Agreement for Live Training in Full SMT Line. This program will enable the people to receive live training such as vocational training and skills development programs. There are many pictures and content on the website that is enough to deceive an innocent man.

Unfortunately, most of the poor and unemployed ones come in their stories and believe that they’ll actually get a job if they gave the exam. The people believe that after receiving training and lessons, they’ll be able to get a good job. These are the people who have tried everything and are not able to get any good job that match their skills. This is where the organization comes in and cheats the people. Sabal Bharat takes advantage of the unemployment and poverty of the people and makes them believe that they will get the best.

This is how this organization works. They charge a very nominal fee to appear in the exam. This fee is non refundable. Once you have given this fee, you will appear in the exam, and basis your merits, you will be able to join the program, where you can get training and skill development courses. Now here is the catch. This is not a government exam, where the complete result need to be declared. Even the veracity of the exam results is under question. What’s actually being done here, is that there are hundreds of thousands of candidates who will site for the exam, and only a handful of them will be selected, basis any kind of selection process. Why this? Because then the Millions of Rupees in exam fee will be usurped without any questions asked by anyone. What happens to this money ? It goes with the promoters of Sabal Bharat.

If you do the maths, you will find millions and millions of rupees flowing in every year in this manner. The poor and needy who sit for the exam, with the hope that they will get training and a job, well, they are in for a shock, once the results are declared. Imagine their plight, once the results are declared. All this, for Money? in the name of NGO. Shameful.

The owner of this organization is not new to controversies. In the past he has been associated with the infamous Bhanwari Devi Murder case, which caused the loss of power of the state government. It was one of the scandals of that year. Mr. Sunil Gurjar was actively involved in that scandal. Read here:

One of his latest controversy involves scamming his own brother in law of taking money from him, and refusing to return the money.

If the founder and promoter of an organization is involved in active cases of cheating and scams, what do you think will be happening to the poor chap who is giving the exam, and paying to get cheated. Well you know the answer.

Sabal Bharat Sansthan is not a real organization working for education and employment of the people. In fact, it is a fraud organization and is making millions of money by collecting the exam fees. The Sabal Bharat Exam is conducted on a big level across the country and thousands of candidates take part. This is their way of looting money from people and in turn they don’t give anything. The main point is; if you have given the Sabal Bharat Exam, your money won’t be refunded and it will go wasted. There is no result declared and you just waste your time and money.