What kind of a person is suitable for an FP&A job?

If you are interested in an FP&A job but you are confused or you are stuck in between, and you cannot decide whether this job is for you or not, then there are few things, which a person needs to have in them if they want to pursue their career in FP&A.

Personality traits:

So, these are the few traits, which one needs to have if they want to go for an FP&A job. The first one is; the desire to learn more and one needs to have curiosity in them as well, they should be eager to learn and should be able to find things on solve problems on their own as well.

Another thing, which is a must to have is to have some experience in financing and some knowledge of accounting as well. If you have no knowledge or link to finance and accounting, then I do not think you are suitable for this job. If you have an experience regarding this in some other countries as well, then you can totally go for this job as you know the basics of it and are ware of some of the basic things.

If you have these basic personality traits in yourself then you are totally suitable for an FP&A job and you should definitely apply for it but if your traits do not match with these, then I do not think that this is the career path you should follow. Also, if you are good in collecting data and making unique strategies, then this is the job for you, as this is what a person has to do in an FP&A job.

One of the most asked question:

Another thing, which people ask a lot is that ‘How to look for an entry level finance jobs?’ is also a whole another debate. Earlier, people used to look for jobs in newspaper and all but these days almost everything is available online and if you are looking for an entry level finance job, then the best way to look for it is to look for it online, as almost every other person has an access to the internet. There are a lot of companies out there, which post their advertisements online and if you do a proper research on it, you can apply in many companies by just sitting at home and can go for an interview as soon as you get an offer for it.


So, if you were stuck in between and you were clueless that if you should or you should not go for an FP&A job, then I am sure that after reading these few things, your mind must have been pretty clear by now but if you still want to know more about it, you can search it online, as everything is available online as well.