Important Facts For Reading Plus Cheats

Reading Plus can be really tricky to cheat, there were a lot of great hacks in the past few years but most of them were removed now. The most prudent way to cheat is to use the answers in the insight assignment diagnostic when you first sign up for reading plus. If you perform really well on this, you might be able to skip a lot of levels and avoid having to spacebar through them.

In the past there was one great cheat where you could disconnect your wifi while on the story view.  After being disconnected, you could just press the spacebar to skip through the story in just a few seconds. And then reconnect the internet again and enter the correct answers from your given cheat sheet. But sadly now, this was thrown out by reading plus cheats in 2017 and no longer works now. But you should keep experimenting though and let us be aware if you find a way to skip the story in a few seconds.

One of a very risky hack is that you must log in as a teacher and change all or some of your scores. This is a very technical issue and requires you to know quite a bit of coding. But it can also get you expelled if you are caught, so we don’t recommend it to you for your own safety.

The general idea of reading plus cheat is as follows:

(For Educational Purposes, DON’T ACTUALLY DO THIS):

  • Enable your teachers computer for REMOTE ACCESS
  • Google about “how to enable a mac or PC for remote access”.
  • You can do this quickly by inserting a flash drive into your teachers computer.
  • After enabling remote access you can use your teachers computer from anywhere.
  • Install a simple script that tracks what keys and clicks are used.
  • See what the username and password is for the reading plus login.
  • If you don’t know what a script is, you have to learn a bit more coding (just keep googling and reading forums—its easy for you if you google enough).
  • Login to the account.
  • Change or add your scores.

We again warn and recommend you to don’t use this reading plus cheat method, its just interesting to understand how some people might have achieved certain cheats. Instead, you should just skim through the readings while you are doing whatever you want to, then using Reading Plus Answers to double check your work.

If you have any other questions be sure to message us in the contact section. Or submit solutions and answer keys to Reading Plus in the submission area.

Reading Plus Cheating is a risky yet interesting way to get your way in the systems and play around with your grades. But its not a fool proof method. There is a high risk of you getting caught and sacked from your institute so its better to be safe than sorry for now. We won’t ever recommend it to you but again, its always interesting to know how people managed to get their way in.