Pop-A-Lock Lubbock gets up the security and safety at any kind of business deals of all the types. Much of this occurs because of personnel changes, keys that are given to workers and were never returned, or denying access to limit or control to keys given by the company to them.Pop-A-Lock Lubbock will help in business’s reduction to employee theft and maintain security through countless of services.


  • It re-keys the existing door knobs.
  • It installs new doorknob and deadbolt hardware and keys to all locks to a single key.
  • It makes mechanical, transponder, high security, and proximal keys.
  • It excels in duplicating your existing keys or find lost keys.

If you have lost your keys or maybe want an extra copy, so we have a solution that can not just save your time  but also your money. Our fully trained staff members are equipped with the latest tools and equipment so that they accurately cut and design your respective keys.


Pop-A-Lock Lubbock takes in account, the need for a car unlocking service while they had provided this free service to everyone. The growing technological look of a vehicle in its locking and latching systems, combined with the launching of new features such as electric controls and side-impact airbags, it means that the old solutions to being locked outwere no longer satisfactory. And maybe worse, it is more chance to ruin the car. Pop-A-Lock Lubbock came up with personalized tools, exemplary technician training and lift up vehicle research as the solution.

This following customary service was rapidly adapted and welcomed by the public and till the month of May in 1993, it had vastly expanded to places like Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and New Orleans (Louisiana).

Trying hard to unlock your vehicle by yourself can cause unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Its better to trust the professionals to provide you with a fast and affordable service. Great care is taken in unlocking the vehicle. It causes damage free unlocking every time. Flat rate pricing has been offered so the customers never have to figure it out themselves.


  • It has the largest, cleanest and most comfortable showroom and waiting room in west texas so the customers don’t have to stand and wait for their service.
  • It has an ATM on their site.
  • It has well-stuffed shop which helps you in reducing your waiting time.
  • It has dozens of new and used chambers on their showroom’s floor, which is always ready for its immediate delivery.
  • It has a dispatcher to get you the service you need.
  • It provides 9 service vehicles to get to you when you face any problems and solves them in no time.
  • It has six fully equipped mobile shops.
  • It has two safe service and delivery vehicles.
  • It also has parts in their delivery vehicle.


When it comes to choosing the right solutions for your individual needs, it’s easy to get lost among the thousands of products on the market. To be sure you’re getting the right security for your individual needs you can depend on lock-and-key Lubbock.