Everything You Need To Know About The Soccer Costumes

If you are a sports lover, they might know the importance of costumes for sports. You can only play with your full strength if you find yourself comfortable in your dress. Soccer is one of the popular games which is played throughout the world. Every nation chooses a unique and comfortable costume for their soccer players. Playing in a team is a different matter as a team demands harmony and unity which can be depicted in their costume. Some rules are set for clothing, but it depends on the location and type of the soccer league. Today, most of the countries follow the rules set by the regulations of FIFA. If you are planning to become a professional soccer player, then you must know everything about the Soccer Costume as it is an important part of the game.

T-shirts or Jerseys as Soccer Costume

You may find several soccer players in a team color jersey or T-shirt. On the back of the jersey, the number of a particular player is displayed for identifying them. Most of the time, these jerseys have short sleeves, but you may also find the long-sleeved t-shirts. If the location decided for the soccer game has a cold weather, then the players can wear the jerseys with long sleeves to protecting them from the cold breeze which can affect their performance.

Shorts as Soccer Costume

Most of the time, the field players prefer wearing shorts made of any lightweight material. However, the players are not allowed to wear a single pair of shorts. They have to wear additional pair shorts having the same color as they main shorts. Sometimes, the number of the player is also marked on the shorts for identification.

Essential Equipment For Protection

There is a need for shin and socks guard for protection that comes with the Soccer Costume. It is compulsory for all the soccer players to wear the shin guards before coming in the field. Moreover, the face masks, headgear or other such items made of hard materials are strictly prohibited. It is the job of the referees to inspect the soccer players before starting the game. They have the authority to disapprove the player for the use of such equipment.

Soccer Shoes

You will find many styles of soccer shoes on the market, but players often wear the cleats to play the soccer game in the field. These cleats assist in providing traction to the unstable or slippery field.