Detox Your Hair To Pass A Drug Test

Are you looking out for the ways for getting marijuana completely out of your system in less time? Are you willing to know the ways through which you can easily pass the hair drugs test? Then, it is good to detox your hair for passing the test. Yes, this is one of the safest ways of saving yourself from getting caught from this method. The hair drug test is the fastest method which is getting used by many employers for detecting marijuana. For preparing the best for all these tests, it is must for all to understand how this marijuana gets detectable in hair.

For how long THC stays in hair

Marijuana leaves a chemical residue which is called the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This chemical gets passed through the bloodstream and then stays in the system for a much longer time. It even remains detectable in a natural way with its one use only or for several months.  There are many factors which affect for how long this THC stays in a system which includes,

  • How much you have smoked
  • How potent or strong your strain or weed is
  • The diet and metabolism
  • The percentage of body fat
  • Sweat and exercise

With all these things in mind and with a method to detox your hair, you can get prepared for this test and can learn how to beat this drug test easily.  Basically, it is one type of test which makes use of a hair sample for identifying the presence of the THC metabolites and some more drugs. It is the famous method as it comes with a high rate of accuracy. But if you will detox hair, then you can simply pass this hair drug test right away. Learn more about the synthetic urine at

Make use of detox shampoos

If you not having much time or if you are failing to follow a cleansing diet prior to your drug test, then you can also make use of the shampoo for detoxifying hair. These detox shampoos are known for removing all the metabolites and the old oil layers from the scalp. It doesn’t even damage the hair. They can penetrate well the hair shaft for releasing, dissolving and removing all toxins which are encapsulated. You can also detox your hair three to ten days in the advance and if you are not having much time, then take around three to four showers in a day for quick removal of THC from your hair.

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