A Guide On The Best Coccyx Cushion

What is coccyx cushion?

In humans, the coccyx is the rudimentary tail bone that has lost its functionality a long back during the course of evolution. However, this bone helps in maintaining the comfortable sitting position and ensures that the bottom and back are well-supported over the seats. Poor sitting postures and other miscellaneous reasons can be the cause of coccyx pain which has very adverse effects over the body. It can limit the normal ability to sit, walk and work comfortably and cause numerous problems in conducting the daily chores. To help prevent this issue, coccyx cushion is used on a large-scale basis these days and this article speaks primarily of the methods of selecting the best and the ways of using the same.

The parameters to be considered

The following enlist down the basic parameters that should be considered before buying any such cushion from the market: –

  • Having sufficiently padded foam that can support the bottom comfortably and prevent the issues of back problems or coccyx pain
  • Maintains the basic heat transfer properties to mold into any shape easily by simple compression and never put the pivotal joints under excessive pressure or stress
  • Good brand value of the manufacturer that can help in determining the quality of the coccyx cushion sold to the general populace
  • Good pricing such that all segments of customers can afford the same and also comes with heavy concessions and discount offers
  • Good star ratings from the previous customers that show the authenticity of the product
  • Carrying the basic safety mark as decided by the regulatory body

How to use?

Once selecting the best and favorable choice, the use of the same becomes a questionable affair. The following enlists down the different ways of using this type of cushion: –

  • Using the cushion in nearly all places of sitting, like office seats or car seats in order to provide forever comfort to the coccyx of the bottom
  • Using in a push-back type seat that provides comfort to the sitting position by elevating the hips and simultaneously, relieving the pressure on pelvis and spine
  • Sometimes adding icepacks over the cushion in order to offer additional comfort in the sitting position
  • Cleaning the coccyx cushion on a regular basis in order to maintain the sanity of the same

Hence, in a crisp, it can be inferred of how this type of cushion helps in solving the problems of coccyx pain and offering the cent percent relief to the spine and pelvis.